Expert Solution Oral Hygiene Concept®

Date: 02-06-2017

With the Expert Solution Oral Hygiene Concept® Medisize expands its product portfolio and offers a product system based on bioscience for oral cleansing, germ reduction and wound care for patients in intensive care and oral-surgical procedures. The Expert Solution Oral Hygiene Concept® provides a permanently applicable and cost-effective product assortment for these patients.

The Expert Solution consists of the gel Jack Pro®Gel plus and the rinsing Jack Pro®Rinse plus that were developed for the application in the 3-step-system „oral cleansing, germ reduction and wound care“. These products, that can also be used for prophylaxis, deliver best results. Being free of sugar, chlorhexidine and alcohol, gel and rinsing are suitable also for children, diabetics, alcoholics and oncological patients.

Depending on the patient’s requirement  and health situation the Expert Solution can be used with different application systems: The Dosing  Bottle System is suitable for the treatment of individual patients whereas the Therapy Bag System is set up directly at the patient’s bedside highly fulfilling hygienic requirements.


                     Dosing Bottle System                                                         Therapy Bag System

A protocol of the case history allows a significant monitoring and control of oral hygiene as a basis for the hospital’s own evaluation and analysis.

For detailed information please see the product brochure.


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